Space Adventures Literacy Resources

Teachers can either work through the complete curriculum-linked lessons which follow the story of Tazz through her vlogs, or use the flexible standalone activities such as letter-writing or newspaper articles.

Pupils can choose a vlog and try out performance, sound effects and filming on their own. Why not ask them to create and film their own Space Adventure? All you need to know about this is available on Culture Street, which is also available from LGfL.

Curriculum Coverage

Coverage per lesson is shown below:

Vlogs KS2 Lower KS2 Upper KS3
Preparing for launch Story - The Countdown Story - The Countdown Story - The Countdown
In orbit Life in Space - tips Life in Space Leaflet Life in Space Leaflet + Extension Activity
Destination moon Weightlessness drama activity - poem Log writing using training and selection (3 lessons) Log writing + Extension activity
Ready to mine Footsteps on the moon - storyboards
A moment of reflection Moon poem Moon poem. Descriptive writing Moon poem and Moon Conference + Extension activity
A bad cup of coffee Lost in Space story
Post impact Own Space Adventure Own Space Adventure
A letter to the world Letters Letters (2 lessons) Letters
A controlled burn Newspaper Article Newspaper Article Newspaper Article