The making of Space Adventures

The idea behind creating an engaging Science-fiction style learning resource started several years ago at LGfL. Production started in the summer of 2017 as strategically there was value in creating a new resource that could model the newly evolving LGfL strategy for digital transformation in schools.

The resource has been created to maximise support for the aims of the Charitable Trust and model the very best example of online learning resource provision to support of the core curriculum subjects and Computing.

LGfL has been very fortunate to be able to enlist the help of experts in their field to contribute towards a unique and engaging resource for all London schools and beyond.

Production team

Project Creator and Project Manager - Bob Usher LGfL

The inspiration behind Space Adventures comes from Bob’s overactive cinematic mind and has been significantly influenced by science fiction films ranging from Iron Man, Gravity, The Martian, 2001 and Interstellar. He has project managed the whole adventure and is responsible for the commissioning of all the elements, creating all the video content and music production associated with the project.

Author - Cath Howe

Since creating the Space Adventures story Cath has become increasingly popular and successful. She recently was signed with Bloomsbury Publishers and has two new books with ‘Nosey Crow’.

Website design – Mark Eagle LGfL

The look and feel of the Space Adventures portal is the work of Mark Eagle, LGfL’s resident graphic designer who has previously created a range of learning resources for LGfL including British Values, Queen Victoria and Documenting the Holocaust.

Website Construction – John Laker Atomwide

John has worked on many BETT award shortlisted resources for LGfL and most recently has produced the revised Ancient Egypt resource, Growing up around the world, Search and Rescue and Thinking Skills for Life. John has taken the design work of Mark Eagle and realised it into the complete Space Adventures portal.

Virtual Reality programming and realisation – Phil and Dan Birchnall – Inspyro

The award winning duo at Inspyro (formerly Computeam) have created a unique experience through the ideas of Tazz Anderson as she completed the practical aspects of the mineral extraction from the Moon. The VR experience is designed to stimulate the literacy element of Space Adventures and take the learning out of the classroom and onto the surface of the moon.

Additional graphics support provided by - Bradley Dardis LGfL and Dan Birchnall – Inspyro

Bradley and Dan have helped create a range of graphics to complement the web design, which can be found throughout the resource.

Computing Curriculum activities support – Max Wainewright

Award winning computing curriculum expert and author, Max Wainewright has created a whole scheme of computing resource based on the Space Adventures story. The framework is highly structured, differentiated and makes the crucial link to real world context for coding and the life and death consequences when coding goes right... and wrong.

Maths and Science Curriculum support – Oli Trussell LGfL

Oli is one of the lead G Suite trainers and developers in the UK. He leads the G Suite Cloud platform development programme at LGfL and has created opportunities within the resource to integrate the functionality of the G suite platform into the Space Adventures resource. Oli is also an advanced Maths teacher and wrote all the Maths and Science curriculum material contained with the resource.

SEND Curriculum development support – Jo Dilworth and Bradley Dardis LGfL

Jo Dilworth leads the inclusion agenda at LGfL and has worked with Bradley Dardis on the integration of UDL principles within the resource.