Virtual Reality

Your mission

The safe recovery of lunar dysprosium is vital for the ongoing development, prosperity and safety of mankind. Your selection as an astronaut, scientist and explorer means you are one of the most capable and valuable people on Earth.

At MINERALEC, your safety is our primary concern. We wish you every success in recovering the dysprosium that has been remotely mined and collected. To assist you in your mission we have developed the very best technology including MiC and the Lunar Mining Rover. Please ensure that your read this manual and mission briefing. It will ensure your safety and the safe recovery of dysprosium to Earth.

Using the VR Apps

The standalone virtual reality app (download for Apple or Android) uses Google Cardboard technology to transform your mobile device into a 3D viewer. Purchase of a compatible viewer is required: these are available for under £10 in cardboard and under £20 in more durable plastic (examples given here are not official recommendations and subject to change; always check for compatibility with your device and ensure that the device has a Google Cardboard settings QR code on it).

For a fully immersive effect, be sure to listen to the sound by using your phone’s headphones.